Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

I understand you don’t come to this blog for fashion advice. Really, I do. I’d laugh in your face if you did, because my idea of fashion is matching the color of my sweatpants to my hoodie. But every once in a while, a fashion item comes along that hits the perfect intersection of stylishness and bookishness. In such cases, I cannot help but blog about it. Forgive me.


The thing that moves me to blog on the topic of fashion is this handbag. If you take off the strap it also functions as a clutch. And here’s the kicker: the thing is shaped like a book. If you think about it, lots of things are shaped like books. It’s just a rectangle, Frenzied Fangirl, get over it. But this bag doesn’t just have a rectangular shape. It also imparts some word of wisdom.

“Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover”

Isn’t it ironic that a fashion item, explicitly designed to look good and make its owner look good, should proclaim a saying that admonishes the beholder not to be shallow, not to judge too quickly?

Quite apart from this irony, the bag does a brilliant job of being a bag and a book both. Its materials are sleek and shiny, its stitching its neat, there are multiple compartments inside to keep your belongings in their rightful place. Best of all, the bag has a barcode and few paragraphs of text on the back, explaining the origins of the saying on the front.


If I can critique the design of the bag on one point, it’s that the shoulder strap is too long. Although I’m not exactly tall, I don’t consider myself very short, either. Yet the bag, when dangling from my shoulder, hangs about midway down my thigh. Ideally, it would rest around waist hight. So now I’ll have to punch extra holes in the strap to shorten it.

I ordered this bag at a company named Vendula London. It’s available in two sizes and colors, black and red. If you love this thing as much as I do, get your very own bookish bag here. Delivery is fast and reliable, but be quick about it because it’s already in the outlet.



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