This year, the city of Amsterdam hosted the Canal Pride. I live in Amsterdam, and in honor of the occasion I would like to list some of my favorite LGBTQIA+ characters.

Please note that all of those are canonically not-straight, and I’m not just speculating that Dean is gay for Castiel or anything because queerbaiting is disgusting. I will dedicate a blogpost to that in the future, but today is Pride Day: let’s be proud.

Pride (2014) characters are gay or bi


Pride is one of my favorite films ever. It was released in 2014 and tells the story of a group of British lesbians and gays who come out in support of the miners during their strike in the 80’s. It is a wonderful film: funny, fast-paced and smart. Pride is a film that celebrates diversity, without ever forgetting that There Is Power In A Union.

Orange Is The New Black: characters are gay, bi, trans or genderfluid


I don’t claim to be an expert, but I don’t think I had ever seen a real transgender person on television before Laverne Cox stole the show as Sophia.  That is awesome in and on itself, but then, on top of that, Sophia is an incredibly nuanced and well-rounded character and I just lover her so much and she deserves so much happiness and gets so much suffering and…never mind me I’ll be crying in the corner.

Of course, there is a lot more gender and sex diversity in Orange Is The New Black: there is a whole bunch of lesbians and one of the actresses, Ruby Rose, came out as genderfluid in 2014.

Ruby Rose: “I am very gender fluid and feel more like I wake up every day sort of gender neutral.”

Bisexual Characters

Bisexual erasure or bisexual invisibility is the tendency to ignore, remove, falsify, or reexplain evidence of bisexuality in history, academia, news mediaand other primary sources.[1][2][3] In its most extreme form, bisexual erasure can include denying that bisexuality exists.[1][3] It is often a manifestation ofbiphobia,[1][2][3] although it does not necessarily involve overt antagonism.

Don’t get me wrong, bisexuality is a very real problem in populair media and society as a whole. Look closely, however, and you will find hidden gems of bisexual representation in all your favorite movies.

Stage Beauty (2004) – Ned Kynaston, played by Billy Crudup, is a bisexual character

This movie is great. This movie is so great. Go watch it right now, immediately, this instant.


Velvet Goldmine (1998) Brian Slade, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, is also bisexual


Jack Harkness on Doctor Who Torchwood, played by John Barrowman, is also bi


Calli Torres of Grey’s Anatomy fame is also bi, and she’s played by Sara Ramirez


And last but not least, there is Brittany on Glee, played by Heather Morris


I know and understand that popular media is still incredibly heteronormative and lacking when it comes to representing LGBTQIA+ characters. Respectful representation still has a long way to go. Yet today, for Pride, I wanted to focus on the positive, and so this became a list of my favorite non-straight characters.



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