This is Television

For those of you not as obsessed with TV land as me, here’s a quick newsflash: the pilot of the long-awaited drama This Is Us aired last Tuesday. This Is Us stars Milo Ventimiglia, whom I’m sure you all remember, Mandy Moore, and a bunch of other lovely actors. I just watched the pilot and I’m about to tell you why it’s great.



Well, obviously because Milo is great. That’s nothing new. What’s also great about this show is that it has representation in it, and that it treats all of its characters with respect, while maintaining a sense of humor. Look at the example below.


I was hesitant about this storyline at first: a fat character? Cool!  A fat character whose storyline is all about being fat? No thanks. I’ve seen it before, and it’s pretty much always tactless and offensive and fat-shaming. But This Is Us genuinely isn’t. The show accepts that being overweight is a big part of the lives of people who are overweight. It also shows its audience that fat people are more than just fat, they are also people. Hell yeah.

Sterling K. Brown, who recently won an Emmy for his acting in American Crime Story, did a stellar job of bringing his character to life.


In addition to all that wonderful acting and writing, the show values the intelligence of its audience with an incredibly clever plot twist that I won’t disclose here for the sake of spoiler-free reviews. Long story short: Go watch This Is Us now!


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