Most Popular Blog Posts Of The Year

At the risk of being self-aggrandizing, I wanted to show you all which blog posts did well this year as well as some statistics on who read my blog and where they came from. It interests me, and this is my blog, so you’re just going to have to deal with that.

Let’s start with some stats.

In 2016, my blog was viewed an incredible 3,784 times so far, by 2,385 different visitors.

2,331 of those visitors were from the Netherlands,  584 from the US and 294 from the UK. One person in Sri Lanka, one in Uganda and one in Estonia viewed my blog, to name but a few.

The most read blog posts are:

How I Recovered From Depression, with 397 views,

Why I Hated “Me Before You” And What You Should Read Instead, with 205 views

What A Flat Tire Taught Me About Intersectionality, with 194 views

Most remarkably, someone used the search bar on my blog to ask: “Why is Toby Ziegler cynical?” It’s a good question, and I might even devote a blog post to it in the future. Someone else searched for “Toby Ziegler love interest.” I didn’t know y’all were so fond of Toby, but I have no problem devoting more of my blog to him.

toby gif



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