Films of 2016

This year, I saw 38 films. You can view the complete list below. I saw most of them in cinema, and only three of the movies I saw were re-watches. Some other exciting stuff happened in movie-land: Leonardo DiCaprio finally got himself an Oscar and Pete Docter’s latest work of genius, Inside Out, also won one.

My favorite films of the year (in no particular order) are:

  1. Joy
  2. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
  3. Love & Friendship
  4. Finding Dory
  5. Captain Fantastic
  6. About Ray
  7. La La Land

There’s a number of films that I’m still very excited to see:

  1. Moana (Lin-Manuel Miranda knows the melody to my heart)
  2. La La Land (Ryan Gosling dances to the beat of my heart) Edit: I have since seen this film. It was great.)
  3. Hail Caesar (I’ll stop with the cheesy heart-metaphors now)
  4. Nice Guys
  5. Arrival

Just for fun, let me show you the trailer to La La Land. Get hyped with me.


Full list of films I saw in 2016: (the year’s not over yet so I might still add some titles._

Joy – January 12

The Danish Girl – January 14

The Big Short – January 28

Spotlight – January 29

The Choice – February 13

Deadpool – March 3

Room – March 8

About Ray – March 14, Roze Filmdagen

Trumbo – April 10

High-Rise – April 22, Imagine Festival

Zootropolis – May 1

Money Monster – May 12

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – May 20

God Help The Girl – May 20

Freeheld – May 21

The Riot Club – May 24

Alice Through The Looking Glass – May 26

Girl, Interrupted – May 26

Ocean’s Eleven (re-watch) -May 31

Love & Friendship – June 2

Finding Nemo (re-watch) & Finding Dory – 25th of June

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation – July 4th

The Legend Of Tarzan – July 7th

The Man Who Knew Infinity – July 8th

The Decoy Bride – July 20th

Grease Live! – July 23d

The Secret Life Of Pets – August 5th

The Prestige (re-watch) August 20th

Cafe Society – August 30th

Stuck In Love – September 9th

Captain Fantastic – September 12th

Bridget Jones’ Baby – September 14th

Rent – October 7th 2016

Cinderella (live action remake)  – October 8th 2016

Big Hero 6 – October 16th 2016

Memento – November 14th 2016

Doctor Strange – November 21st 2016

Fantastic Beast And Where To Find Them – December 10th 2016

La La Land – December 23rd 2016


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