The Six Thatchers Review

I had planned to wait and review the whole new season of Sherlock in one go once it had all aired. As it turns out, I cannot restrain myself from commenting right now, just to vent a little bit. I think it’s important for me and all of the other frenzied fangirls out there that we’ve only seen one act of a three part story this week, and I think it’s likely that all is not as it seems.


I thought the episode was well-written and exciting and beautifully designed, and I thought the actors did great, especially Martin Freeman. I can’t wait for The Lying Detective next week and I’m overanalyzing every bit of The Six Thatchers. I thought I would share some of my (over)analysis with you.

First of all, and perhaps most importantly: What the Actual Fuck, John? Was John Watson really cheating on his wife with some random girl on the bus? Less than a year after their wedding? While he had a baby at home? John Watson, The most loyal, trustworthy, brave, kind, Gryffindor man in all of fictional creation. If that actually happened, how the Hell did Sherlock not notice? If Sherlock did notice, how come he didn’t punch John in the face for being a scumbag? I don’t believe it. There’s either some really, really bad, out of character writing going on, or there’s something more to this situation than meets the eye.


And here’s the other thing: I don’t know how to feel about Mary. On the one hand, she is a absolutely badass female character who takes motherhood seriously yet does not allow it to slow her down. On the other hand, what kind of person carries a drugged letter when they’re just meeting a friend for a chat? What kind of person pre-records a message just to tell the godfather of their child to go to hell? How does the ‘go-t0-hell” comment relate to the self-sacrificing act in the Aquarium? There’s something shady going on here and I’m absolutely dying to find out what it is.

Last thing: SHERRINFORD. Sherrinford Holmes was a name found in Arthur Conan Doyle’s notes. Perhaps it is the name of the third Holmes brother. If so, why is Mycroft contacting him now? And who will play this enigmatic third brother? Dare I hope for Tom Hiddleston??? Now I might be venturing too far into the realm of speculation.

Also, we need to talk about code words. “Lazarus, Vatican Cameos, Amo, Love,” and now: “Norbury,” a code for Ms Hudson to alert Sherlock to his own arrogance. Might it be that “Redbeard” is a similar codeword, one employed by Mycroft to warn Sherlock that “caring is not an advantage”? And if “love” and “amo” are codewords too, what does that say about the shocking moment in the season four trailer when Sherlock says: “I love you?”

HELP. If every episode is going to be this angsty, I’ll need more dogs.


What were your feelings on The Six Thatchers? What does this mean for the epic romance between John and Sherlock, if you believe in such a thing? Come back to Frenzied Fangirl next week for a review of The Lying Detective. Until then, cry with me over Benedict Cumberbatch and his scruffy stubble. That man will be the death of me, he’s so gorgeous.

2 thoughts on “The Six Thatchers Review

  1. philvantongeren says:

    How the hell did Sherlock know Mrs. Whatshername was in the Aquarium, for the grand finale? Did I miss some subliminal piece of information? All in all, I thought the episode looked neat, but was greatly overwritten. Too much James Bond action going on for my taste.


    • thefrenchinhaler says:

      Fair enough. I’ve reached the point of fandom where if it was just John and Sherlock drinking tea for 90 minutes I’d still love it. “SHERLOCK: Your office said I’d find you here,” that’s how he found Ms. Norbury. I’ll admit that’s a bit easy, and also that Moffat and Gatiss have a strong tendency to overwrite. Egotistical bastards, why do I love them so?


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