Live Shows of 2017

My live shows of 2017

2017 was a good year for me in terms of shows and stuff. Not the best maybe, but it was pretty great. Here’s a quick overview.

  • Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Parts I & II  – January 21st 2017 – The Palace Theatre, London

This was the theatrical highlight of my year. I know a lot of people hate The Cursed Child and I sort of understand why; I think I wouldn’t like it either if I hadn’t seen it live and obviously expensive live performances in London are not universally accessible and I’m not sure I agree with Rowling’s decision to do it this way, but she did, and I was lucky enough to see it, and I loved it.

  • Teenage Fanclub – February 7th 2017
  • The Divine Comedy – February 19th 2017 – Paradiso
  • Elvis Costello – March 8th 2017 – Carre

Elvis Costello is the best performer of the year, every year.

  • Andrew Solomon – March 24th 2017
  • Gloria Wekker: White Innocence – March 29th 2017
  • Judith Butler – April 2017
  • Jens Lekman – Tivoli – April 20th 2017
  • Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes -Paradiso – June 24th 2017

Southside Johnny is also always amazing, but for some reason this year was extra-amazing.

  • Little Steven – Carre- June 25th 2017
  • Belle & Sebastian – Tivoli – September 1st 2017
  • Peter Perrett – November 13th 2017 – Paradiso
  • Someone – November 17th 2017 – Paradiso Noord
  • Gorillaz – November 21st 2017

I also went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer and I saw a bunch of amazing shows. The best one was A Super Happy Story About Feeling Super Sad. Read about it here.

2 thoughts on “Live Shows of 2017

  1. mphadventuregirl says:

    Last year, the musicals were 3, but only 2 were loved. The 2 musicals I love were Rent and Les Mis. Here’s the thing about Rent, I fell in love with it Fall 2012 and have waited 5 years to see it live so it was my first time seeing it live and was an emotional wreck watching it. I saw Les Mis in Greenville with my school and it was my 5th time seeing it live, but 1st time seeing it on tour and like Rent, was an emotional wreck

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