Films of 2017

My favorite film this year was probably Moana, with Beauty & the Beast as a close second. Of course, I went crazy over Wonder Woman like everyone else and crushed on Ansel Elgort in Baby Driver. That’s about everything.

Films seen in 2017

Arrival – January 5th

A Street Cat Named Bob – January 11th

Passengers – February 1st

Moana – February 6th

Beauty & The Beast (live-action remake) – March 31st

Shame – April 11th

Slash – April 14th (at the Imagine Film Festival)

And So It Goes – April 30th

Mamma Mia! – May 14th (Mother’s Day re-watch)

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge – May 26th

Wonder Woman – June 19th

The Circle – July 3rd

Baby Driver – July 4th

The Mountain Between Us – October 16th

Murder On The Orient Express – November 11th

Battle of the Sexes – December 8th

Edward Scissorhands (rewatch) – December 23d

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