Welcome to my blog. My name is Julia, I’m 23 years old, I live in Amsterdam and I am Frenzied Fangirl.

This blog is a space for me to tell you about the things I love and why I love them, as well as any other opinions I might have. The focus will be on books, pop culture and fandom, but the occasional social justice rant might sneak in.

You can request my services as a freelance writer or translator here.

You can view a full version of my curriculum vitae here.

You can visit my Linkedin page here.

This blog is listed on The Book Bloggers Directory

The motto at the top of my page is: “As long as she can hold a pen, she’s a threat.” It’s an adapted quote from the musical Hamilton. The original quote was: “as long as he can hold a pen he’s a threat.” I think the motto neatly captures everything this blog stands for: an awe for the power of the written word, a love for pop culture references with some feminism added to the mix. Just remember: as long as you can hold a pen, you’re a threat!


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