Turtles All The Way Down Review

Today was the release of John Green’s long-awaited new novel: Turtles All The Way Down. I wouldn’t be a Frenzied Fangirl if I hadn’t immediately run to the nearest Waterstone’s to grab myself a copy, and I’ve just finished reading it. Here are some thoughts. Please be warned that this review contains SPOILERS. Although it does not go into the plot very much, if you want to approach this book without any prior knowledge of its subject matter, leave now.

IMG_20171010_173450.jpgHere’s a picture of our cat, the book, and the awesome t-shirt and bracelet I also got.

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An Open Letter To J.K. Rowling

Dear J.K Rowling,

Even as I write this my fingers tremble on the keyboard, my armpits slippery with sweat. How can I, a lowly mortal of the blogosphere, address your divine genius? Yet here I am.

First of all, I want to thank you. I cannot be certain that your writing has made the world a better place, or, indeed, that the written word is capable of such a thing. I can only assure you that your creativity has made my world a little more compassionate, a little more beautiful. You’ve made my life just a little brighter. I thank you for the ways Harry’s anxiety has helped me deal with my own. I thank you for Hermione, who has shown me that being bookish doesn’t mean you can’t also be a badass. Most of all, I thank you for the dedicated fanbase your work has inspired.The Harry Potter fandom has brought me so much joy, so many wonderful friends, and so much more insight into my own creativity and mind. This is something I can never thank you for, because it cannot truly be put into words.

There’s just one teeny tiny thing that I can’t keep quiet about any longer.

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