Merry Christmas!

This is a very disorganized post listing all of my favorite Christmas-related pop culture. That means books, film, TV and music. All of these put me in the Christmas spirit Merry Christmas, y’all.

FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONG OF ALL TIME: Fairytale Of New York by The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl

Kurt & Blaine singing Baby It’s Cold Outside on Glee

Klaine was amongst my very first OTP’s. When this song aired, they hadn’t gotten together yet, and I was so sure they would in the Christmas ep, but then I had to wait even longer… Oh, the torture of being a frenzied fangirl.


A Very Sorry Christmas by The New Mendicants

I like this song. And I wanted to share a Christmas song that was not (yet) incredibly well-known, so here we are.


Studio 60  season 1, episode O Holy Night

Blogpost(s) about the absolutely crazy amazingness of Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip are forthcoming. I must first finish my West Wing-binge, though, because I can’t handle more than one Sorkin-show at the time. Either way, Christmas is the time for romance and so it is for Jordan and Danny. Damn, I need to watch this again.  Continue reading

Best TV Intros

Intros are to TV shows as facebook pages are to people. Although looks can be deceiving, someone’s facebook profile and a show’s intro can give you a lot of information about them. For example, I started watching the first episode of True Blood, but stopped after a minute because the intro was too gruesome for me. A show’s intro is like its business card. And here are some of my favorite ones.

The West Wing

I love The West WingI wish I’d never seen it so I could watch it again for the very first time. I wish I’d never seen it so I would stop holding every other TV show to impossible standards. I love it so much that, like a Pavlovian reaction, the theme fills me with nostalgia and glee and sadness and every other kind of emotion a great TV show gives you, put together in an overwhelming mix. Additional fun fact: the theme’s composer is hilariously named W.G. Snuffy Walden. Continue reading


This year, the city of Amsterdam hosted the Canal Pride. I live in Amsterdam, and in honor of the occasion I would like to list some of my favorite LGBTQIA+ characters.

Please note that all of those are canonically not-straight, and I’m not just speculating that Dean is gay for Castiel or anything because queerbaiting is disgusting. I will dedicate a blogpost to that in the future, but today is Pride Day: let’s be proud.

Pride (2014) characters are gay or bi


Pride is one of my favorite films ever. It was released in 2014 and tells the story of a group of British lesbians and gays who come out in support of the miners during their strike in the 80’s. It is a wonderful film: funny, fast-paced and smart. Pride is a film that celebrates diversity, without ever forgetting that There Is Power In A Union. Continue reading

Time And Relative Dimension In Space

It’s the question that has plagued fangirls, quite literally, since the beginning of time. If you had the TARDIS at your disposal, where would you go? Because this kind of thing says a lot about a person, I’ve put together a personal list. Suggestions are welcome. After all, with the TARDIS, everything is possible.

Hammersmith Odeon, London November 18, 1975

We could have seen this gem performed live. As well as literally all my other favorite Springsteen songs.

Shakespeare’s Globe, anywhere between 1580 or so and 1616

Yes, I know the Doctor has been here before. But surely he’d be willing to pay his almost-lover William another visit to please me?



Delayed on a train travelling from Manchester to London King’s Cross in 1990.

The exact date escapes me, but somewhere, sometime on this trajectory of the train, J.K Rowling conceived of the idea that led to Harry Potter. Wouldn’t it have been miraculous to see the lights of creation flicker on in her eyes?

Have a cuppa with Jane Austen

On recent episodes of Doctor Who,  I have never seen the Doctor meet Jane. Of course that doesn’t mean he hasn’t. I think he would adore her. Besides, I adore her. Oh Jane, most brilliant of literary minds, impart your wisdom upon me. And pour me a cup of darjeeling.


And finally, I’d love to be a guest at my parents’ wedding.

Lots of other places in time appeal to me, for a multitude of reasons. I contemplated putting the beginning of time or the beginning of humanity on this list, but to me, my parents’ wedding is more meaningful. In a sense, it is the beginning of the world: my world.


Also, since I don’t actually think the actual TARDIS will be coming to pick me up anytime soon, I think it’s high time David Tennant came by my house to surprise me with this gorgeous dress.