The Reading Habits of a Gryffindor

The sorting of people as well as fictional characters into Hogwarts Houses can be a useful tool for distinguishing personality types. That’s why I’m going to do a bit of sorting in this blogpost, focussing on the ways one’s Hogwarts House relates to one’s reading habits.

My belief that I am a complete Gryffindor was recently reaffirmed. Sometimes, I doubt my House because I am not, in the stereotypically Gryffindor way, impulsive. I do, however, have a very strong sense of right and wrong and I value justice greatly. I am
opinionated, which you’ve probably figured out if you’ve been following this blog for a while. Even in my reading habits, I am a Gryffindor.

Gryffindors are likely to have strong opinions about books, and be vocal about them. These opinions can sometimes lead to heated debates, in which Gryffs rally to the idea of fighting for what they believe in. When they love a book, Gryffs will sing its praises, especially if it calls to the ideals they value most. Disliking a book can split Gryffs into two camps: some may be just as vocal about their distaste as they are with their love, and some may be quieter, but just as committed to sharing their thoughts. Gryffs are also more likely to experience stories on a personal level, and feel comfortable talking about those parallels.” Source: Book Riot

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