Best TV Intros

Intros are to TV shows as facebook pages are to people. Although looks can be deceiving, someone’s facebook profile and a show’s intro can give you a lot of information about them. For example, I started watching the first episode of True Blood, but stopped after a minute because the intro was too gruesome for me. A show’s intro is like its business card. And here are some of my favorite ones.

The West Wing

I love The West WingI wish I’d never seen it so I could watch it again for the very first time. I wish I’d never seen it so I would stop holding every other TV show to impossible standards. I love it so much that, like a Pavlovian reaction, the theme fills me with nostalgia and glee and sadness and every other kind of emotion a great TV show gives you, put together in an overwhelming mix. Additional fun fact: the theme’s composer is hilariously named W.G. Snuffy Walden. Continue reading

Why I Dislike Dumbledore

Some thoughts I had when re-reading the Harry Potter books as an adult.

When I was a child, I liked Dumbledore. He was wise and kind and quirky, like my grandpa. He seemed to have a pretty good idea what he was doing, and when Harry kept the Philosopher’s Stone out of Quirrell’s hands, I considered the whole thing a job well done. Dumbledore had left Harry, Ron and Hermione just enough clues to solve the mystery, and the Golden Trio had successfully completed their task.

At the time, I was perhaps seven years old. I thought when you were eleven you were basically an adult yourself.


But you’re not. Eleven is not old enough to play a game of lethal wizarding chess. Twelve is too young to fight a basilisk. Thirteen is no age to be traveling back in time to save an innocent man from doom and the age line around the Goblet Of Fire was put there for a reason. Continue reading

Why I Am Obsessed With The Marauders

Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite Harry Potter book. It introduced a whole set of new characters that I immediately fell in love with: Sirius and Remus, and yes, even Peter. Of course, Lily and James had been previously mentioned, but their characters also got a more in-depth description in the third installment of the series.

So I loved that particular book because it gave me more information about them: the infamous Marauders of Hogwarts and Lily, who I imagine acted as a sidekick to their quartet as soon as she took up with James. So yeah, I love those guys. I probably love them more than any other characters in the book, and that’s a little odd: they hardly get the kind of in-depth attention a character like Harry gets, or Hermione or Snape or almost anyone else apart from, say, Seamus Finnigan.

Yet there is an explanation for my obsession, and I’ll share it with you. Be warned, though: after reading this post you won’t be able to ever think of the Marauders again without gross sobbing. Their storyline is just so freakin’ tragic. Continue reading