Don’t Watch Pushing Daisies

Don’t watch Pushing Daisies. Do yourself and your heart a favor and don’t watch it. Never ever. Pushing Daisies will ruin you for all other TV shows, and here’s why.

The basic premise of Pushing Daisies is this: a young boy named Ned discovers that he has an extraordinary gift. His touch brings the dead back to life. Of course, there is a catch: if he ever touches the revived thing again, it dies permanently. Also, if he revives it for longer than a minute, something in the vicinity dies in its stead.


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Fur, Feathers And Fiction

In real life, I own two adorable guinea pigs named Bobby and Zebra, and our household is made all the more cosy by our cat, Daniel. I love animals. When an animal is harmed or, god forbid, killed in a piece of fiction I am enjoying, I am likely to cry. I often consult, and watching Hachi was a tearful experience for me. In this blog post, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite animals in fiction.


Historically, animals have always served a special purpose in fiction. When your characters are animals rather than people, all kinds of satire and societal criticism suddenly becomes possible. Think of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Animals are also sometimes used to convey a life lesson, as they appeal to children as well as adults. Think of the works of Dutch writer Toon Tellegen, French de La Fontaine and Aesop in the world of the Ancient Greeks. Continue reading

Music & TV

Music and the moving picture can sometimes come together to create something more than the sum of its parts; the song becomes more meaningful than it was before, as does whatever video material you’re watching. This is why soundtracks are so important. In this post, I have listed a number of scenes from TV shows that had exceptionally good soundtracks. From the moment I first watched these scenes, I could never hear the songs without thinking of the shows they went with in my head.

Most of these paragraphs will have at least some spoilers of the specific episode.

The song: This Is Hell by Elvis Costello (Song starts at 1:50 in the video below)
The Show: Gilmore Girls, season two episode five: Nick & Norah/ Sid & Nancy
Why it’s such a great combo

This is the episode in which Jess, originally from a much larger town, moves to Stars Hollow. Of course, he is less than pleased about this development. After showing off his displeasure in a James Dean-like display of rebellion, Jess heads out on a walk through the town. That is when This Is Hell starts to play in the background. The combination of Elvis Costello’s clear, familiar voice and the optimistic tune with Jess’ teenage hatred is just really funny to me somehow.

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