How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Book: Some Advice On Binge Reading

I am a consumer. I don’t just watch one episode of a TV show; I watch all of it in a month. I don’t just read a book occasionally, I devour them by the dozen. When I open a bag of M&M, it’s finished before the day is done.

In spite of all of this enthusiasm, call it gluttony, if you must, I experienced a reading slump in 2015. I was, at the time, experiencing an episode of depression. See also: Books That Helped Me Through Depression. Depression covered my mind in a veil, surrounded my emotions with a fog, and made it difficult for me to read books, because it was hard for books to reach me.

Well on my way to recovering my mental health, I pledged on January 1st of this year to read one book every week: 52 in total. So far, I’m on track, as you can see.

In order to keep myself motivated throughout the year, I have developed a number of tactics to nurture my reading habit. Because I always hear people complain about having no time or concentration to read, I thought I’d make this wisdom available to the public.  Continue reading


The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge

Hey everyone,

In this post I will keep track of my ongoing quest to read all of the books read by Rory Gilmore on everyone’s favorite feel good TV show: Gilmore Girls. I’ve copied down the list of books below. If anyone wishes to join me on this venture, drop me a line.

Source of the list is here.

Books I’ve read are in bold. 

Books read so far: 41 of 340

rory gilmore reading

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