Am I a writer? Perhaps. Have I written things? Yes, I have.

For starters, obviously I write this blog.

You can request my services as a freelance writer or translator here.

In the academic year 2018-2019 I was website editor of student magazine Writer’s Block. You can view the articles I wrote here.

In 2018 wrote a short story that made the shortlist of the Fantastic Story Competition organized by Dutch Comic Con.

I used to write for the Passionate Platform. Sorry to all my non-Dutch speaking fans, but these pieces were in Dutch and mostly about Dutch literature.

I sometimes write pieces for the literary student magazines Heroine, Babel and Writer’s Block, all three of which are affiliated with the University Of Amsterdam where I did a double Bachelor’s degree: one in Literary & Cultural Analysis and one in English Language and Culture. Currently I am doing a Research Master’s in Literary Studies, also at the University of Amsterdam.

I participate in as many online writing-events and contests as possible.

In 2014, I self-published a Jane Austen-inspired novella titled Prospects & Presumptions. Get your very own physical copy here, or buy it as an ebook.

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